Trevor Maskall

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A portfolio of recent work

Below you will find some of my work, I have tried to categorise it into logical areas of interest but feel free to look at everything. I will try to highlight the latest creations to the right.

Whats happening at Eastleigh College

Learners are working on re-creating the Crystal Maze TV show into a video game using the unity game engine. The level 2 learners are concentrating on the look and feel, while the HE learners are creating interactive puzzles. The results when ready will be displayed below. Deadline for submission is 7th Dec.

3D Modelling

Currently working on 3D assets for an educational building, so what you may find in classrooms and communal spaces. As these are completed I will show the rendered imagery below.

CGI and Video Work

Work by learners in video animation  this coming term will be claymation  based upon the work of Nick Park (Wallace and Grommit) but will be focused towards health and safety in the workplace. As this is part of a competition the winner and runner up entries will be shown below. Deadline for entries is March 4th 2019.

Game Design

Using game engines for things other than games is my current focus, so while I am exploring this I will from time to time post here some of the work in progress.