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Husband, father, dog lover, college manager and lecturer, 3D modeller and artist, animator, filmmaker, programmer, engineer and professional time juggler!

14 years in the armed forces serving on submarines as a radio electronics artificer it was an exciting time towards the end of the cold war. Moving into desktop computing was an obvious step in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. Upon leaving the service I became self-employed but found that whenever I was between contracts, I would be producing 3D assets for computer games. This and programming became my focus, but I was not making a steady income from it. A friend of mine suggested that I consider teaching and so when an opportunity came up at Eastleigh College for a part time lecturer, I took it.

Over 20 years now and I would like to think, still going strong. I get to enjoy my passions for programming and 3D modelling and have learned about photography, video and a host of game design related skills. I think the joy in this is that I can pass on what I learn to my students and feel a sense of achievement when they in turn teach me something, which happens a lot!