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About this Site

Historically I have used my site to assist me in my endeavours to help my students to learn about website design and although this will continue, I am now concentrating on helping them to produce electronic portfolios of their work prior to them leaving and launching themselves into the creative industry of their choice.

The work we do at college although within the overall title of creative media is very diverse. In some cases learners concentrate on skills and techniques used in Game Design and in other cases it may be video editing and even CGI techniques used in more of a promotional or marketing world.

To the right is an image rendered using the Autodesk RayTracer (ART) rendering engine, it was part of a study into lighting and colour temperature used in Architectural Visualisation, one reason I deliberately kept the textures as simple as possible.

Eastleigh College

Eastleigh College is an FE College in Hampshire UK. This is where I work and have done so for the last 20 years. I currently manage the Art and Computer Science Departments.

3D Modelling

A great deal of the work portrayed on this site is created using 3D modelling software, this Autodesk has kindly made available to our learners free of charge for educational use. Thank you Autodesk.

CGI and Video Work

Another thank you to Adobe for providing students with a discounted licence to their Creative Cloud Suite without which much of our Video editing and CGI work would be impossible.

Game Design

Possibly what attracts more learners to our courses than anything else is the use of modern game engines like Unity in which we also introduce learners to AI, programming and even film making with real time rendering. Thank you Unity for providing a free version for everyone.